Why Should You Use Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Why Heat Is the Best Choice 

Bed bug heaters work because bed bugs are vulnerable to temperature changes: bed bugs have exoskeletons that break down when exposed to higher temperatures – this kills and allows you to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bug heaters do not require anything other than heat to completely rid your property of bed bugs and their eggs.

With our heaters, you can eliminate costly, time-consuming service calls and poisonous chemicals. Renting beg bug heaters is a great solution to a serious problem.

People who have experienced bed bugs know how difficult they are to control and eliminate!  

  1.  Heat always kills ALL BED BUGS with ONE treatment – No bed bugs are resistant to heat and temperatures above 120 degrees will kill all bed bugs AND their eggs in a matter of minutes!
  2. Heat can penetrate walls and other unreachable places – when done properly, the swirling high heat used to kill bed bugs effectively penetrates mattresses, box springs, furniture, and even walls to kill the bed bugs wherever they may be hiding!  And since bed bugs are at first attracted to heat, they are less likely to scatter during the treatment.
  3. Keep Your Stuff – with fans creating a “convection effect”, heat can penetrate and treat nearly all items in your home and there is no need to discard of expensive beds, furniture, electronics, or anything else that was infested prior to treatment.
  4.  Relatively simple “pre-treatment” responsibility for homeowner – Since the heat will penetrate most items using circulating air from fans, anyone performing the heat treatment will not need as much access into dressers, drawers, and other items as would typically be needed to do a chemical spray treatment.
  5. Heat Treatment is Non-Toxic – Heat treatment does NOT require ANY toxic chemicals.  Safe for both pets and people.

A bed bug heat treatment lasts for the whole day.  The temperature of the home is heated to 120 – 140 degrees to allow the thermal energy to penetrate through the home.  Using heat to exterminate bed bugs is safe for your family and pets, it’s effective and only takes one day with one treatment… all without the use of pesticides! 


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