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The Question Often Asked About Bed Bugs: How Did I Get Them?

A client once said to me, “ This is my first and last time treating for bed bugs.”  By the end of the orientation provided to all clients, the client’s opinion changed. If he kills every bed bug and ever bed bug egg, there exist many ways that bed bugs can be reintroduced to the

How to Heat Treat Your Home ( Raleigh, NC)

Bed Bug Heaters Can Make the Difference From the moment you realize what the bites on your leg mean your goal is to eliminate the bed bugs. You’ve heard about how hard it is to get rid of bed bugs. You’ve heard about the expense and the mental anguish associated with the battle against bed

Why Rent a Bed Bug Heater to Kill Bed Bugs

There are obvious reasons to heat treat your home.  The kill rate is higher than if you chemically treat your home.   One of the most notable benefits is that heat-treating your home is not only safe, and effective, but it is something that you can do yourself. There is no advanced form of heat.   If