How to Heat Treat Your Home ( Raleigh, NC)

Bed Bug Heaters Can Make the Difference

From the moment you realize what the bites on your leg mean your goal is to eliminate the bed bugs. You’ve heard about how hard it is to get rid of bed bugs. You’ve heard about the expense and the mental anguish associated with the battle against bed bugs.  After surfing the internet and collecting quotes from pest control companies a deeper concern for your family sets in.  The claims are true.  Bed bug treatments can be expensive.

Bed Bugs NC provides a budget-friendly option for bed bug elimination.  We rent the equipment you need to win your battle against bed bugs at a fraction of the cost of using a pest control company.  We provide heat technicians to assist you and answer any questions that you may have while heat treating your home.  If you prefer, we will provide a technician to operate the bed bug heater. You can heat treat your home to eliminate bed bugs while saving money.


Rent a Bed Bug Heater

Contact Bed Bugs NC to rent a bed bug heater.  A Bed Bug NC tech will drop-off and pick-up the heating unit.  Having a technician operate the heater equipment for you is also an option.


Room Prep

You must prep your room for treatment.  Move all furniture and other items 6 inches away from the wall. Doing so allows for proper airflow.  Remove oil paintings from the room and place the objects in the bathroom or in an area not being treated.  You will need to treat the paintings before returning them to the treated room.  Be careful not to introduce bed bugs into an uncontaminated area.  Remove all electrical faceplates in the room.    Unplug electrical equipment.  Remove unnecessary clutter in the room. Vacuum if possible. Situate items in the room to allow proper airflow.  


Heat Treat the Room

The room temperature must reach a minimum of 114 degrees before you start timing the treatment.  It is recommended that you start timing the treatment after the room temperature reaches 120 degrees.  Treat the room for a minimum of 4 hours. 


Spray ( Optional)

It is a good idea to spray infected areas with an insecticide after conducting a heat treatment.  There are many sprays that you can purchase.  The purpose of the spray is to provide residual protection. 

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