Why Rent a Bed Bug Heater to Kill Bed Bugs

There are obvious reasons to heat treat your home.  The kill rate is higher than if you chemically treat your home.   One of the most notable benefits is that heat-treating your home is not only safe, and effective, but it is something that you can do yourself. There is no advanced form of heat.   If you raise the temperature of your home to the kill temperature of 118 degrees or if you hire someone to do the same the bed bug killing power is the same.  The important variables are 1) equipment used and 2) technique.  Bed Bugs NC will help with both of the areas.  You can successfully heat treat your home.  We can show you how to operate our commercial-grade heating equipment and advise you about technique.  If you have a bed bug problem take action.  Rent a bed bug heater and restore your home to the cozy, welcoming environment it was before bed bugs changed invaded your home.  

Bed Bugs NC

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