Heat Treat Your Home and Get Rid of Your Bed Bugs Today. Rent A Bed Bug Heater.

Top Grade Professional Heaters

Hire a trained technician to treat your home or rent one of our heaters and do it yourself. 

Full-Service Heat Treatment  
– $1000 ( four rooms)
– $650 ( three rooms)
– $500 ( two rooms)
– $300 (one room)
– A service technician will heat treat your home  
– 10,000 Watt / 34,120 BTU Industrial Electric Bed Bug Heater

Other Pricing Available
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24 Hour Rental Package –$200

– Powerful! 19,659 BTU
– 24-hour rental
–  $499 each day    Special – $200 first day/ $100 each additional
– Unit treats up to 300 square feet
– On-site operations training
– Delivery and pick-up of the heater unit
– Hand-held laser temp sensor
– Heater requires 50 amps for full operation



Entire Home Treatment – Call for pricing                             
– 10,000 Watt / 34,120 BTU Industrial Electric Bed Bug Heater
– Treats entire home
– Unit treats up to 300 square feet
– On-site technician to assist with the treatment 
– Delivery and pick-up of the heater unit
– Room set-up is included



Additional Rental Packages

Hourly rentals are available/ Call for custom pricing

Schedule a Rental 

Dealing with a bed bug or flea infestation?  

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly company that rents bed bug equipment, we can help.  We rent bed bug heaters .  We are a Raleigh, NC based company that provides services in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  Heat treatment ensures safe, effective bed bug elimination.  A Bed Bug NC Technician will deliver and set up the heaters and remain on-site to answer any operational questions until the completion of your treatment (8-hour rentals only).  We make do-it-yourself easy.   We work with both commercial and residential clients.  





With our modern equipment and best practices, we offer a complete bed bug elimination —  in a single heat treatment! Why are heat treatments better? Heat treatments do not only target isolated areas like chemical and steam treatments, but heat treatments extend to all furniture, carpets, walls, ceilings and other voids where bed bugs live.  Heat treatments are effective without having to throw away your furniture, clothes, or personal belongings.  Prepare your home for heat treatment to prevent bed bugs from hiding from treatment.  Pests, especially bed bugs, are becoming more resistant to EPA-approved pesticides. Recent research has shown that only 6% of bed bug chemical treatments are effective in a single application. However, 

heat is a natural, scientifically proven solution that kills 100% of bed bugs and their eggs in one go. Temperatures in the range of 122˚F – 143˚F for one hour are fatal to most pesticide-resistant organisms that infest your property. We provide a non-toxic, thermal bed bug control that raises the temperature of an infected area to proper levels, and then monitor those temperatures to ensure proper temperature and saturation levels.

Renting high-quality bed bug heaters for exterminating your bed bugs is our specialty — and we’ll help you win the ever-evolving bed bug battle.


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